Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Stash to Rule All Stashes

The saying goes that you aren't truly a real knitter until you have a stash. The whole concept of a yarn stash cracks me up. Now I am not judging those of us (including myself) who have piles upon piles of unused yarn lying around, whether its the odds and ends you can't seem to part with or the plethora of perfectly bound balls we didn't think we could live without, but isn't a stash a hoard?

As someone who previously worked for an animal shelter I have seen my share of hoarders. Isn't a stash the starting of hoarding? Is there any knitter out there who cannot say that at times they haven't felt like they need more more more?!

The stash is a thing of beauty. It always fascinates me how I love to pick up more and more yarn when I probably have the perfect yarn sitting at home or at Mom's house waiting for me. I remember as a young girl going to visit some of my mother's friends from the knitting guild and being AMAZED at their knitting stashes. Some of them have whole rooms they can barely enter due to their enormous hoards of yarn. Ahh....a house full of yarn, is there a much better dream?

A stash is quite an amazing thing. Today I am offering a challenge. I would love a little contest to see who has the stash to rule all stashes. Send in your photos of your stash and I would love to see what you guys have just waiting for the perfect project!

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Broke Knitter

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